Nightbirds ★★★★

Dink and Dee met up, you see,
when Dink threw up some vomit.
"Come with me," said darling Dee,
"From my rooftop, we'll see a comet."

A lie or two later, now lying in bed -
bodies entwined, then - sudden dread!
Window crash and breaking glass!
A clumsy pigeon that fell on his ass.

Its broken leg, a few days to heal -
stepping out for an afternoon meal -
Dink goes to leave, Dee fakes malaise,
it's looking as if he'll be trapped here for days.

How true this is, you'll never know -
that is, unless, you watch this show.
A toddling boy ensnared in her trap,
a black widow spider, jaws ready to snap.

Beyond the pale, this Milligan tale,
one chapter in a much longer story,
this of a Dink who was born to fail,
and the bird as his memento mori.