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  • The Kids

    The Kids


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Unusual Truffaut short about a gang of boys who are about to discover their sexuality and the allure of women. Adolescent films are always about the discovery of sexuality, but here the boys are at the cusp of sexuality. (Although there is the slow motion shot of the boy sniffing the woman's bicycle seat that slightly topples my analysis and synopsis.)
    Bittersweet might be used to describe the movie, but the boy's brattiness and harassment of the couple, combined…

  • Double Exposure

    Double Exposure


    Unfunny Bob Hope short. At a Three Stooges level but without the saving grace of Curly. Humor level is when someone gets slapped or heads bonk together, there is a "funny" inappropriate noise on the soundtrack.
    John Berkes is a substandard Stan Laurel, and his character doesn't have Stan's feistiness. Hope is his Hardy, and when Berkes is knocked over or punched he just takes it and the movie moves on.
    Plot has Hope as scraping by photographer…

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  • Ugly, Dirty and Bad

    Ugly, Dirty and Bad


    Portrait of the patriarch as an insufferable, irreparable, completely immoral son of a bitch. Giancinto lords his insurance settlement of a million lira over his family. He sleeps with a rifle every night to protect his precious money. He also brings a whore to share he and his wife’s bed. And these may be his better points.

    The film certainly doesn’t take a sentimental look at these struggling, poor people. The beyond extended family lives in a hovel in the…

  • The Adventures of Prince Achmed

    The Adventures of Prince Achmed


    Extraordinary. Superb. Outstanding. This is one of those movies I am not sure there is much more left to say. The silhouette technique is unique, the story is engaging, and the color tinting is very good. The accompanying musical score is excellent, and I wonder if it is the original score.
    I would love to see other Reiniger movies, but judging by the number of watches listed on Letterbox on her other films, her movies are not very accessible.