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  • Isle of Dogs

    Isle of Dogs


    Our world is so fucked up, Wes Anderson has made a movie about Trump(ism).

    That being said, the film is visually stunning, possibly his best work yet. Narratively (and tonally), is'a kind of a mess because it pulls into too many directions, and because the plot is held together by Greta Gerwig's character which may possibly be Anderson's most obnoxious creation. But, as with The Grand Budapest Hotel, there's an undercurrent of bitterness and sadness running under the surface of…

  • The Death of Stalin

    The Death of Stalin


    I couldn't have picked a better time to watch The Death of Stalin than the weekend that Putin is giving himself a 70% turnover to get voted into his 4th term in office, and Trump is in the middle of his own piddling government purge. Anyway, great movie - hard to say what's the best about it, but my money is on Jeffrey Tambor literally sinking into his oversized suits as the cowardly, ineffectual Malenkov, and Jason Isaacs' crass, swaggering Zhukov, dominating every single scene he's in.

    Bonus points for the end credits.

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  • Birdman



    What's most representative of Birdman are not its uniformly excellent performances (with special mention going to Edward Norton's live wire act as a preening, insufferable, yet spectacularly talented stage star). Nor is it Emmanuel Lubezki's extraordinary cinematography, which condenses space and time and makes the film one of the closest visual representations of what it feels like to watch a live performance. Nor is it Iñárritu's irritating, pretentious use of magical realism.

    No, the most representative scene in all of…

  • Aferim!



    Aferim! reminds me most of Hard to Be a God: to be sure, it's cleaner and funnier, and its sumptuous black and white photography and splendid landscapes also make it prettier to watch. But underneath all these lays, just as in German's film, a terrible bleakness. Aferim! may well be the most important movie made in Romania since the New Wave kicked off in 2001 with The Stuff and the Dough.

    There's a curious lack of political or social critique…