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  • Nemesis 4: Death Angel

    Nemesis 4: Death Angel


    Full on cyborg penetration.

  • Patrick Still Lives!

    Patrick Still Lives!


    A group of Italian people drink J&B, smoke cigarettes and slap the shit out of each other, usually while fully nude. All the while, a man in a coma is uses psych powers to boil them alive and impale them with metal objects up their nether regions. Love it.

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  • Mimic



    The theatrical cut of this was butchered by the Weinsteins to the point of Del Toro outright disowning the film.

    Years later, Miramax would no longer be apart of the Weinstein Co, so Del Toro was able to release a version that was more in line with his original vision. Long gone are the cheap jump scares that plagued the theatrical cut. Scenes go on longer and come off as much more focused creating a tension filled atmosphere. Turns out, Del Toro’s take on Alien/Aliens is pretty damn good. 

    The director’s cut is definitely the way to go!

  • After Hours

    After Hours


    I miss going out. Wait. No, I don’t.