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  • One Dark Night

    One Dark Night


    Aside from the intro, this one just farts along for about an hour focusing on some uninteresting teen romance and mean girls style antics. Once they reach the mausoleum the fun does ramp-up tremendously with some decent spooks and awesome practical effects. I anticipated Adam West have a more lively role, but he just turned out to play an old, curmudgeonous fuck that i hated every second he was on screen. Oh, well. Maybe he’ll do the batusi in the special features. Overall, this one is pretty good if you can get through all the boring stuff for an otherwise rewarding final act.

  • Touch of Death

    Touch of Death


    Fulci dips into comedy horror and insanity ensues. We’ve got a bearded lady who gets her face melted inside a stove, a vagrant who gets repeatedly run over until he looks like Hamburger Helper, an opera singer who gets the shit slapped out of her while she continues to sing, and that’s just scratching the surface. Those looking for something reminiscent of Fulci’s work in The Gates of Hell trilogy should stay away from this at all costs. This one’s for lunatics only.

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  • Bordello of Blood

    Bordello of Blood


    Every movie should have a random Whoopi Goldberg cameo.

  • The Chill Factor

    The Chill Factor


    Apparently broken bones sticking out of your hand isn’t as painful as it seems.