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  • The Devil Inside

    The Devil Inside

    Can't remember the last time i watched a movie where it felt as though i wasn't watching anything at all. My eyes were actively on screen but it felt as though nothing was playing at all.

  • Deadly Daphne's Revenge

    Deadly Daphne's Revenge


    This movie was a lot better when i initally thought Daphne was Bigfoot.

  • Pod



    Wilhelm scream ftw

  • Hellborn



    Love how they reused a Power Rangers monster suit. Amazing.

  • Kill Game

    Kill Game


    then who was phone??

  • Species



    So is Forest Whitaker supposed to be psychic or what. It's never explained and it's bothering me.

  • Dead Stop

    Dead Stop


    heh i liked it. wasn't half-bad

  • I Trapped the Devil

    I Trapped the Devil


    Boring The Movie

    (somehow i still kinda sort of liked it)

  • Sweet Sixteen

    Sweet Sixteen


    Why is there a nude scene with a character who is supposed to be 15. Anyway a good chunk of this storyline was illegable to me. Kinda feels like it was edited by someone going in and out of sleep on antihistamines.

  • Doom Asylum

    Doom Asylum


    It feelsike the editors lost 1/4 of their footage and tried their best to make something coherent. Ends up being almost experimental in it's .attempt at horror comedy. Also the band set scene is amazing and transcendental. Those ladies invented noise music.

    (Edit: fixed typos and misspellings when i wrote this drunk)

  • Run! Bitch Run!

    Run! Bitch Run!


    "Who the fuck are you!? some kind of fucking pervert or something"
    - guy who gets caught in the middle of necrophilia

  • Metamorphosis



    god the music is such a mood killer in this movie. Thought i was watching a synthwave music video. But gets a half star for ending on a freeze frame of a cute lizard. Shit's unintentionally funny as fuck.