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  • Vertigo



    Few films that aren't "A Hitchcock" have the look of "A Hitchcock".

    Equally, few films that aren't "A Hitchcock" are as good as "A Hitchcock".

    Vertigo is another Alfred Hitchcock masterpiece. A tale of a mans obsessions.

    And a film about Hitchcock's own obsessions, his hidden demons perhaps.

    His camera also has an obsession with James Stewart. He is never off of it. A near constant in every scene, and a joy to watch. He is perfect. As is everything…

  • On Deadly Ground

    On Deadly Ground


    This is part of my CHALLENGE: Death by Steven Seagal list.

    This is 'The One Where Steven Seagal Directs'.

    And it's actually not as bad as it sounds!.

    Seagal directs with some skill, showing up the fantastic landscape beautifully. He gives himself plenty of hard ass lines, kicks some heads in and delivers an environmental message. What more can you want?!...

    And if you do want more he also gives us one of the best exploding helicopters in film history!.

    Highly adequate entertainment.

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  • The Passion of the Christ

    The Passion of the Christ


    Not as good as the book...

  • Stoker



    At 98 minutes, this is my dream length of movie. I have said it all my life.

    After leaving this screening, and using the facilities, I could quite easily have jumped straight back in to watch the whole movie again. That doesn't happen to me often.

    Stoker is phenomenal.

    It's as dreamy as it is taught. As beautiful as it is horrific. It's The Tree of Life with A screenplay. An outstanding screenplay at that. It has been said that…