John Wick ★★★½

We live in the age of the reboot.

It's John Wick that surprisingly provides one of the best.

The reboot of Keanu Reeves.

He will never be classed as a great actor, but a very likeable one he certainly is. He owns John Wick, sailing through every scene in a three piece suit, his deadpan delivery makes the most of the slyly witty script.

Maybe every action movie should be directed by stunt men from now on?

Chad Stahelski and David Leitch are the two front runners in that argument. They tackle every action sequence with glee. But it's the quieter moments
that come across more sophisticated than most. Incorporating a dark sense of fantasy and visual splendour that almost makes the wafer thin plot feel fresh.

It's a modest movie of course, but it's got style, and enough intelligence to just keep Reeves kicking ass and saying very little.

John Wick is easily one of the most entertaining action films of the last few years.

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