The Babadook ★★★★★

The Babadook is probably the new benchmark for the horror genre.

A more impressive debut you would also struggle to find.

Writer and director Jennifer Kent has crafted a quite masterful chiller that gets right under your skin and deep inside your psyche. I am not normally one who scares easily, but this chilled me to the bone almost from minute one. The fact that you emphasise so much with the characters is a masterstoke. The deft handling of a single mothers trauma, without making her seem hideous, and the handling of a troubled boy showing his anger without making him unlikeable has been handled with the skill of a movie making veteran. It's a very personal movie about the real fears and anxieties of parenthood. The Babadook is frightening because it seems true.

Hunt doesn't use cheap jumps to provide her scares, instead using some brisk editing to build its suspense and dread. It unsettles you with some deep psychological unpleasantness. It's a haunting masterpiece, and an instant classic of the genre.

It also has a fucking killer title too.