The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger ★★★½

Film 5 of Daryl's December Challenge.

The Lone Ranger was destined to be a massive failure from the day that the huge $250 million dollar cheque was signed.

Gore Verbinski spent that money crafting an overlong, overblown, and at times overbrilliant action spectacular. It's beautiful to look at. Verbinski's cameras fly high, and float over the Western landscape, it's captivating. This style runs through the entire movie that brings joy. It energises the entire film. It's a quality that seems to have been easily dismissed by many when reviewing this epic.

The performances are also top notch. Johnny Depp's Tonto is undoubtedly one of the finest of his career.

In fact the only things holding The Lone Ranger back is its character. Disney have spent $250 million to find out that he just isn't going to work in today's world. Which is certainly a shame. It's also a bit too weird to ever be successful. The "kids" just wouldn't get it. And clearly didn't. Along with many adults it seems.

Personally I like my action spectaculars with a touch weird.