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  • Born in Flames

    Born in Flames


    “Every woman under attack has the right to defend herself, and in situations where we are constant victims of brutality we must take on the whole armour and defend ourselves.”

    Dystopian films where you forget you’re watching an imagined society and not the one you live currently live in are the most effective and brilliant, maybe not always the most enjoyable, but effective without a doubt. This film executes this factor to a t. 

    A bad ass gritty feminist activist…

  • Death Becomes Her

    Death Becomes Her



    A film that personifies camp and corniness in the most entertaining way. I can always rely on my guy Robert Zemeckis to provide just a really enjoyable light hearted viewing. At the end of the day we don’t need every film to be a masterpiece, we just need something we can happily escape in for a hour or so and in a way that makes this film and others alike to it a masterpiece in its own sense.

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  • Tenet



    Be prepared to be hit by some mind-bending shit real fast and for it not to be explained to you because I was not prepared for that Nolan fucking hell. This isn’t a bad thing though; no matter what you hear from people Tenet is an impressive film completely worth seeing and especially on the big screen. James Bond done in the pre-apocalyptic Christopher Nolan way, does sum up what you get with Tenet and it’s incredible how it’s pulled…

  • Ran



    “In a mad world only the mad are sane.”

    My first time rewatching the only Akira Kurosawa film I have seen (Seven Samurai will be watched soon I promise). Considering I rewatched this film purely to make notes and observations for an essay I didn’t think I’d find much enjoyment in it, especially since I was pausing and rewinding it all the time, but the exact opposite effect occurred. I have so much more love and admiration for this film…