Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★★★

Is it in Leonardo DiCaprio’s contract that he must have an angry breakdown?

With a cast like that it would be a real shame if Don’t Look Up ended up being a disappointment and in my opinion it isn’t anything of the sort. 

Now I’ve seen quite a few people criticise this film and Adam McKay for making the same movie with the same “fuck capitalism” message just in different forms. I’ve only seen Vice so I can see where the ideology in that opinion but I just had too much fun with this film to really care about that. 

With the dry witted dialogue and the harsh irony, this film makes fun of itself whilst making its message strikingly clear. It’s one of those laugh so you don’t cry type of movies. You’ve got to laugh at what the hypocrisy on show otherwise it becomes too frustrating. This is a very meta driven movie and I think it’s effective but even if it isn’t I was most definitely entertained.

Also you have to stay for the mid and end credit scenes!

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