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This review may contain spoilers.

Don’t read my prior review, that review means nothing anymore.
When they say this is a heist movie on acid they really mean that this is a heist movie on acid. Definitely one of the most impressive anxiety inducing trips out there just with how fast-paced and non-stop it is. This film’s energy is just so chaotic but completely enticing as well. It’s shot in a beautifully trippy way where the surroundings are dark but the colours are bright and the shots are striking even though they capture something that is the exact opposite of that. It’s not something that should work, there’s no character you should really sympathise with or root for but you do nonetheless. There’s also so many rise and fall moments and even though the fall outweigh the rise moments, you still hope everything will turn out right in the end but it just doesn’t. The ending is actually one of the best ever because it just proves that the unrelenting lifestyle of the characters is eternal and nothing will ever change, most likely. There are many ways I can describe this film but statement I opened this review with says it the best and is all that needs to summarise it really in my humble opinion.

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