Tenet ★★★★

Be prepared to be hit by some mind-bending shit real fast and for it not to be explained to you because I was not prepared for that Nolan fucking hell. This isn’t a bad thing though; no matter what you hear from people Tenet is an impressive film completely worth seeing and especially on the big screen. James Bond done in the pre-apocalyptic Christopher Nolan way, does sum up what you get with Tenet and it’s incredible how it’s pulled off. The technical aspects of this film just oh my god nothing will prepare you for how damn cool it all is. The world building and theories this dystopian (but feels very real and relevant which is kind of scary) world adopts are somewhat difficult to wrap your head round but if you don’t get it straight away you will definitely get on board with. You do feel like you’re running to keep up with all the information being thrown at you but at about half way through you’ve basically caught up and you can just sit back and marvel at what unfolds before you. We know Nolan loves to invoke mystery and this is definitely the most mysterious of his films and therefore probably the most intricate but take that as you will. The performances are solid, not amazing but solid as they should be in a film like this, the score acts as the perfect catalyst to this mind-bending journey in its highly immersive nature and I’ve already praised the technical aspects which are just beyond impressive. This film feels too complex to properly review and analyse because honestly I don’t fully understand what I watched but nonetheless I was on board with it and I was able to experience it. A film to simply experience in one way or another.

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