The King ★★★★

As far as period pieces go, I really think this is phenomenal. However, they are an acquired taste but since I love my Shakespeare (and I know this is just pure history but big man bill wrote it for theatre so it counts as Shakespeare to me) I loved this. I was scared that without the classical dialogue this film wouldn’t have an as great effect but it really did. Chalamet’s specific delivery of his post battle speech justifies this whilst being entirely awe inducing.
Chalamet is definitely the highlight of this film. He carries himself absolutely correctly and is bold in doing so, he captured the essence of Prince Hal perfectly. Although he doesn’t appear for long in the film I think Hotspur was interpreted very well and likewise with Falstaff.
This film is an acquired taste as it is period in every sense of the word, that being subtly dramatic and includes a lot of scenes in the dark, but if it is your taste then it should be a right treat.

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