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  • Fireworks Wednesday

    Fireworks Wednesday


    Masterpiece. Just how consistent can a director be? I'm still amazed at Farhadi's ability to turn a family drama into nail-baiting suspense, and it's all through the careful unfolding of each of his movie's thousands of layers, which are both incredibly intimate but also paint a great picture of a whole society and culture. The acting is top-notch, as usual.

    Film 13/18 of my January/February Watchlist

  • The Square

    The Square


    This was pretty fun and crazy, but also quite frustrating! There were some great ideas and some incredibly memorable scenes scattered around this unnecessarily long film, but unfortunately there were plenty more which added nothing but running time. Still, I really enjoyed it and it was great for post-watch discussion, but it suffers from (an admittedly amazing) climax that comes too early and a disjointed nature which makes some scenes stand out not in a not so great way.

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  • The Shape of Water

    The Shape of Water


    Gah, this was such a disappointment! I expected so much more... I guess I'm being slightly unfair, because my expectations played a big part on my overall enjoyment of the film, but I was expecting a much more ethereal movie, a movie grounded on the fairy tale aspect of the romance, Del Toro style, with its dark edge and everything. Instead, what I got was an over the top thriller with a psychotic villain and a tired, superficial romance. Hawkins was terrific and the movie looks lovely, though, I'll give it that.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    A deeply sensual coming-of-age story centered around a beautiful summer love story, what's perhaps most interesting about the film is how internal the conflicts are. There are, undoubtedly, societal pressures that dictate much of the characters' behaviors, but the movie rightly chooses to focus on the inherent courage that comes with love and throwing ourselves into the whole-hearted experience of loving someone else. Let us not forget that courage comes from the French word meaning "heart" and truly Chamalet's Elio…