Blade Runner 2049 ★★★★

I usually try to keep the hype in check, but I admit that with this one I was already fantasizing about putting it in an all-time favorites list. Alas, that's not gonna happen but it's a damn fine movie all the same. Aesthetically as impressive as the best of the best, both Deakins and the teams behind the art direction deserve mad props for making this a visual feast. I love Villeneuve's take on the story, how he seems to build the world that started with our beloved 80's classic with enough respect for the original but also with enough guts to expande its legacy. This world feels so real and tangible, grounded on fascinating themes that build from its quieter predecessor: the film is longer but also much more dialogue ridden, sometimes to great effect and sometimes to the detriment of the pacing (I'm looking at you, most scenes with Jared Leto). I think Gosling's arc is very interesting and relatable, that final development feels close to home, one of those disappointments that often accompany our coming of age. And despite the fact that I felt a tinge of emotion here and there, Villeneuve's film seems like its lacking a little heart and that he couldn't repeat what he accomplished so well with Arrival: that unbeatable combination of heart and mind.