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  • Pom Poko

    Pom Poko

    Y'all gonna kill me for this but I liked Over the Hedge better

  • Nobody


    It's always rough when movies end just as they start getting good. Cool to see Christopher Lloyd again tho

  • The Muppet Movie

    The Muppet Movie

    These Muppets gave a woman a severe allergic reaction to get an audition, they don't fuck around

  • Raya and the Last Dragon

    Raya and the Last Dragon

    Stop casting Awkwafina in things please I'm begging you

  • The Goddess of Spring

    The Goddess of Spring

    Not to imply unoriginality, but this does remind me of Cuphead 🤔

  • Ace Attorney

    Ace Attorney

    While extremely faithful to the original game in terms of its tone, look, and storyline, I feel like the most of the game's character work was lost in translation. The condensed time spent with these characters means the loss of some great character arcs for Phoenix, Maya, Edgeworth, and Gumshoe. I feel like I barely know who these people are, since the plot is always the focal point of the film and there's little time to breathe.

    Coming fresh off…

  • The Secret of Kells

    The Secret of Kells

    Absolutely enchanting animation, but it feels like an unfinished beta version of Song of the Sea and Wolfwalkers. Easily Cartoon Saloon's weakest film, but not a bad start for the studio by any means.

  • Treasure Planet

    Treasure Planet

    John Silver is honestly way too interesting and well-written of a character for this movie

    Doppler and Amelia seemed potentially interesting, cool of the movie to forget they exist and shove them into a forced rushed side romance

    The only way I can imagine a character as annoying as B.E.N. working is if he was voiced by the guy who voices Master Shake/Gazpacho

    Mr. Arrow was not the impostor

    I have nothing but respect for Ron and John but I can't believe THIS was the passion project they desperately wanted to make for nearly 20 years

  • High School Musical 3: Senior Year

    High School Musical 3: Senior Year

    I'm losing my fucking mind because during The Boys Are Back, Chad sings "Just like a showdown, Will Smith and Bobby De Niro". As far as I know, the only film Will Smith Robert and De Niro have both appeared in is Shark Tale, where their characters (Oscar and Don Lino, respectively) have a showdown.

    High School Musical made an explicit reference to Shark Tale.


  • High School Musical 2

    High School Musical 2

    24 Frames of Nick is gonna kill me for this

  • Robots


    Fender is canon trans :)

  • Once


    I'm definitely missing something here cause this didn't work very well for me at all. It leaves a terrible first impression with the cinematography at the beginning, but that aspect improves as the film goes along (even if the flat lighting doesn't). The bigger issue for me is how the script feels entirely barebones, rendering the story and romance very basic and unengaging. I don't feel a particularly strong connection between the main characters and I don't feel like I…