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  • Belle


    First of all, I think this might be the most gorgeous animation I've ever seen in a movie? I am so jealous of everyone who got to see this in theaters.

    Second, the meaningful and profound lengths this movie's narrative goes to in order to subvert expectations is just incredible. This obviously was never gonna work as a straight-up Beauty and the Beast remake, which is why I was so pleased to see this movie evoke that story's premise and…

  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland

    Tim Burton's live-action remake found dead in a ditch

  • Drive My Car

    Drive My Car

    "It didn't sound like he was lying. I don't know if it's the truth, but he was telling you what was true to him."

    Fucking hell this destroyed me emotionally. A rather unwieldy slow burn that didn't fully grab me at first, but as the story progressed it revealed the necessity of every seemingly irrelevant detail in the first half. I went from thinking "Yeah it's a good movie that needed to shave down that 40 minute prologue" to "Holy…

  • tick, tick...BOOM!

    tick, tick...BOOM!


    Only now realizing that this is just a live-action adaptation of that SpongeBob episode where he has to write the essay

  • CODA


    Crazy how such a cliche and predictable movie could be sooooooo endearing and enjoyable. Loved watching this so much, I always felt so emotionally attached and invested and it didn't feel like I was being Oscar-baited to in the slightest. Emilia Jones is going places. Loved the choir teacher in this too. Man I miss high school choir!

  • Encanto



    Changed my mind about the songs actually, they're bangers that get better the more I listen to them. This movie fucking rocks and it better not fade into relative obscurity.

  • Licorice Pizza

    Licorice Pizza

    Banger movie! Reeeeeeeeeeeeeeeally would have liked a more ambiguous and less rushed ending tho. Also pretty wild that the Asian jokes that caused such an uproar could've just been edited out of the movie entirely and nothing would change. So like, why didn't they

    Was that John C. Reilly as Frankenstein for 2 seconds or am I going insane

  • Encanto


    I wish I could send this film back in time so 10-year-old me could see it. He really needed it.

  • The French Dispatch

    The French Dispatch


    Imagine directing this. Wes Anderson you absolute KING

  • The Cabin in the Woods

    The Cabin in the Woods

    Really fucking dope in spite of Joss Whedon's dialogue's best efforts

  • Dune



    Denis Villeneuve has this way of bypassing my absurdly short attention span in a way no other filmmaker can. Every scene he shoots is so compelling through its presentation and atmosphere that its overall relevance to the larger story is a moot point. I was glued to my seat during the entirety of what was arguably 2 and a half hours of setup. But when the setup is this rich and nuanced and thoroughly engrossing, how can…

  • Squid Game

    Squid Game

    Aw hell yeah I love Splatoon