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  • Thoroughbreds



    Besides being a very impressive directorial debut, Thoroughbreds is an extremely entertaining and dark film that plays out like a battle between the left/right brain hemispheres (until the twist). Amanda (Olivia Cooke) is the left brain - calm, calculated, cold, logical, and objective. Admittedly emotionless, she is so frank that it's borderline terrifying. On the seemingly opposite side you have Lily (Anya Taylor-Joy), the emotion-driven and expressive right brain counterpart. She lives in complete luxury, drives a brand new Range…

  • A Quiet Place

    A Quiet Place


    Much to my surprise, I thought this film was pretty brilliant. It's kind of like a cross between The Last of Us and Signs directed by Spielberg when he actually cared about making interesting stuff. Not only did Krasinski do an amazing job at directing this one, but for me, nearly every single aspect of the film worked and felt unusually authentic (which is pretty rare for a horror/sci-fi). As usual, Emily Blunt delivers another subtle yet powerful performance that…

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  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


    Jim Carrey: "Well... we could fire them and I could do an impression. I'm a really good impressionist and I could do a pretty good imitation of both of them, I think."

    Milos Forman: "No. I don't want to stop it. I just wanted to talk to Jim."

    Me: "You are both fucking insane and this is what art is all about."

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Do you guys remember how all of those teenage girls went crazy over Robert Pattinson during the Twilight years? Well that's how I feel about him after seeing Good Time. This is my favorite film of the year (so far) and it's gonna be tough to beat. Consider me an official Safdie whore.

    In Good Time, main character Connie (played to perfection by Pattinson) is a self-absorbed con-man who uses those around him for his own personal gain. This includes…