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  • First Reformed

    First Reformed


    I'm not one to think that what we're doing to the Earth and the rising global temperatures are 100% mutually exclusive, but regardless, it's safe to say that we're living in a very pivotal time in human history. It's true that we're destroying the forests, polluting the air, and letting corporations get away with murder (figuratively and literally) - but what gives? As someone with a natural tendency to reflect on the ills of society, I can't help but be…

  • Killer Joe

    Killer Joe


    "Now suck this."

    This was my third viewing of Killer Joe and I can't figure out why I used to think it was anything less than perfect. What more do you want from a fucked up and trashy dark-comedy? William Friedkin brings to life a pitch-black Tracy Letts script in the scummiest way possible - the direction is so brutally fearless that it would probably even make Tarantino a little jealous. I can't even begin to describe how much I…

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  • Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness

    Tiger King: Murder, Mayhem and Madness


    Anyone who saw this guy on Louis Theroux's "America's Most Dangerous Pets" could have told you that it was only a matter of time...

  • Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer

    Don't F**k with Cats: Hunting an Internet Killer


    Am I complicit? NO. Do I think that the crazy cat lady and the fifty year-old virgin expedited a murder/snuff video? YES.

    Anyway, this was a fascinating case and other than the ending, a very intriguing documentary. Who knew that Basic Instinct could be so inspirational (with the exception of every thirteen year-old boy and his boner)?

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  • Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond

    Jim & Andy: The Great Beyond


    Jim Carrey: "Well... we could fire them and I could do an impression. I'm a really good impressionist and I could do a pretty good imitation of both of them, I think."

    Milos Forman: "No. I don't want to stop it. I just wanted to talk to Jim."

    Me: "You are both fucking insane and this is what art is all about."

  • Good Time

    Good Time


    Do you guys remember how all of those teenage girls went crazy over Robert Pattinson during the Twilight years? Well that's how I feel about him after seeing Good Time. This is my favorite film of the year (so far) and it's gonna be tough to beat. Consider me an official Safdie whore.

    In Good Time, main character Connie (played to perfection by Pattinson) is a self-absorbed con-man who uses those around him for his own personal gain. This includes his mentally…