Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

"Our world is filled with codes."

Under the Silver Lake is nuckin' futs! A conspiracy-fueled stoner-noir-comedy that never takes itself seriously? Count me in. I've been looking forward to seeing this for a while, mainly due to the cast and David Robert Mitchell. While I'm not really crazy about It Follows, I absolutely loved the camerawork and the general look of it all. Add those promising aspects with Andrew Garfield (one of my favorite actors) and that results in a lot of anticipation from yours truly. Anyway, I can't wait to watch this again - it's extremely unique and super fucking hilarious. It's kind of like Inherent Vice with a little David Lynch mixed in for good measure (and also somewhat of a white-counterpart to Sorry to Bother You). Really though, I shouldn't compare it to anything, but stream of consciousness is pretty much all I have at the moment. All I know is that the entire piano scene made me laugh so hard that my roommate probably thought I was super stoned again (and he was probably correct).

For the most part, Under the Silver Lake is completely nonsensical yet always self-aware, so for me, it works. Surprisingly, Andrew Garfield gives a hilarious performance and delivers some gems that truly hit the spot. Ultimately, I think David Robert Mitchell is trying to tell us that Hollywood will make you lose your mind - and he's probably right. I have a feeling that this could potentially become a cult classic, but only time will tell. For me, it already is.

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