Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer ★★★★½

Hoop-Tober 2.0: Film #21/31

The Horror in Question
The Beyond may have been gruesome, but Henry is downright disturbing.
This film, detailing a few weeks in the life of sociopathic serial killer Henry, is one extended gut punch and I mean that in the best way possible. Director John McNaughton plays with his audience almost in a sick way; every time you develop even an ounce of sympathy for Henry or his partner in crime, Otis, he pulls the rug right under from you by showing just pitiless, cruel and broken they really are.
There is no place for empathy in Henry's world, no purpose except killing and eventually no hope.
Henry is a very bleak film, but one that moves and makes you think about of what evil man is capable of.

Best Scare
The word scary doesn't cut it for Henry . The film isn't scary, it's vicious, cruel and hopeless. However, if the whole movie is a punch to the gut, the ending is that times ten. Go watch it, terrific but great.

Horror Champ
Without a doubt Michael Rooker in his acting debut as Henry. Rooker can play both sides of Henry, his normal, almost affable every day persona and his horrific serial killer inner self with such ease. He's a real relevation in the film and I'm very glad he made a good career out of this.

Something Other Than Horror
This is probably the shortest film in my Hoop-Tober list, but it nevertheless packs the mightiest punch. As you can see I use the word "punch" a lot. This film makes you feel like you just got roughed up. Again, if you haven't, see it!

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