Heat ★★★★★

Has everything that needs to be in a good action or crime film.

And so much more and that makes it not just a good but a great film in general.

The final showdown between Vincent and Neil is so intense because you want them both to win. The characterization and character motivations and mindsets, even of the side characters are so strongly, believable and still dramatically written and that adds such a big emotional depth to the film. The phenomal acting only empathizes that and every single fucking character has a complete character ark.

And then there's the dinner scene with so much dramatic and still authentic dialogue that catches us out of nowhere because we expected a massive showdown.
But then, of course we get it twenty minutes later on a gigantic scale that easily counts as one of the best action sequences of all time.

This film is a masterpiece and not just because Robert DeNiro and Al Pacino acted the hell out of their characters yet again.

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