Dark Red Forest

Dark Red Forest ★★★

Terrible thought…but this seems like a Buddhist ‘Handmaid’s Tale’ without the sex. Seems to involve the same outfits and similar kinds of emotional and physical abuse/manipulation. And all in the name of a higher cause.

Then there’s the vulture scene. I get it.  I get its purpose; I get why it’s included. But I could have lived a few lives without access to that little bit of reality.  

I realize I’m a secular Westerner so have no leg to stand on in terms of imho. I realize pain is (supposedly) a part of purification and transcendence, since it hurts to subsume the ego and this mortal coil. But the agonies here don’t seem to come with any ecstasies. And the “evils” and vices that seem inherent within any institutionalized religion seem to exist here too (see: the mostly unseen guru and the boy child lamas/gurus-in-the-making).