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This review may contain spoilers.

Wait, wait, wait.



Soooo, the girl in red with red hair, Viva's ally from early in the movie, could she be the daughter of the sun from Noroit?

Like, Viva and her are sisters. And here, she ditches Viva for an unknown fate. But in Noroit, she is leading the pirate gang and Morag, secret daughter of the moon, kills her in a duel that doesn't appear in this here movie named "Duelle".

It's like Viva and Leni cranked up a duel "in front of the Noroit tree" that didn't happen in "Duelle" and instead happened between their sisters in "Noroit".

Rivette, man, I got a hard time following that "parallel lives movie" thing you tried to get going, but I fucking love it. Thank you <3