Pig ★★★★

Whoever decided to cast Nicolas Cage in this film has clearly known his career from the 80's to now. Starting with Valley Girl to Vampire's Kiss. Then his meteoric rise in the 90's from Leaving Las Vegas to Con-Air and Face/Off. Following with Adaptation and the National Treasures in the Aughts. All the way to this past decade, which has devolved to countless DTV trash with a few indie/DTV gems.

The subtle story and nuanced tone of this film encapsulates Cage's entire career, while Cage himself is essentially a yeti mute, except for one poignant speech to another chef about living your true self. My expectations were all over the map throughout and by the end, I was fully satisfied.

This film and role could've been Cage's final stanza and goodbye to the industry. It would've been a glorious way to go out.

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