Nobody ★★★★

Going into Nobody, I knew very little about the production. I hadn't even watched the theatrical trailer. I just knew that it starred Better Call Saul's, Bob Odenkirk. I had heard some positive word of mouth from friends, but I wasn't exactly excited about the film. Well, it turns out that Nobody is an absolute blast. Gory violence, brutal fight choreography, and solid action set-pieces that sees Bob Odenkirk take on a Russian crime syndicate. One of the big surprises of the year so far.

For the first 30 minutes or so, I was starting to check out. The story of an ordinary family man who has grown tired of his mundane life. He decides to add some thrill to his midlife crisis. There comes a scene where Nobody shifts gears and from that moment on, the film had me. Bob Odenkirk takes on a group of rowdy drunk men on a bus and it's bone-shatteringly glorious. Glass bottles, knives, and fists are used, and it sets the tone for the next hour of the film. I was actually taken aback by the brutal violence... at first.

I quickly found out that this is from the director of Hardcore Henry. It suddenly all made sense. From the bus fight onwards, Nobody doesn't stop moving. We get the home invasion on the house by the Russian syndicate, the entire third act with a warehouse that is booby-trapped and lots of gory little moments that had me wanting more. My only real gripe with the film is that we are dropped into the middle of this man's life and while we do learn about his past, I could see Nobody having a prequel and even a sequel. That's how invested I am in the life of Hutch Mansell.