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  • Dynamite Brothers

    Dynamite Brothers

    Adamson gets his hands on a high-concept premise here - a blaxploitation/kung-fu crossover - and the resulting film is one of his slicker efforts. Like a lot of Adamson films, it could have used another round of tightening in the editing room but the plotting is pretty solid, with the occasional interesting character beat, and the presence of a genuine kung-fu choreographer on the staff means the fight scenes are up to snuff. The performances by Tang and Brown are…

  • Black Heat

    Black Heat

    This one kind of sneaks up on you. The first half has that classic sleepy Adamson pacing, livened up by the occasional dollop of action and interesting So-Cal location work. However, it really starts to kick in around the second half with a cruel subplot about the travails of a gambling addict, casually vicious murder-for-money and torture scenes and a police raid capped by a cool nighttime chase through an auto junkyard. Performances are variable in quality but Tamblyn is…

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  • The Naughty Stewardesses

    The Naughty Stewardesses

    Remember the short-lived stewardess movie craze of the early '70s? This was the Sherman/Adamson take on the genre and atypically upscale for the duo, with a lot of location work and a running time of nearly two hours in its uncut version. The pacing is languid for an exploitation flick but this actually doesn't derail things here thanks to the aforementioned location work, attractively shot by Graver, and an appealing set of leading ladies. There are also some surprisingly dark…

  • Mausoleum


    This is exactly the kind of handcrafted, developed-outside-the-studio-system nonsense that would never see the projector light of a theater today. The pacing is ragged, the ramshackle plot is so logic-free that it veers into surrealism and there are flat-out weird inclusions like a "day's work" montage for a gardener character and guest star LaWanda Page as a comic relief maid. On the other hand, you've got a barrage of fun, budget-priced transformation makeup FX, a willingness to be mean and…