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  • Underwater Love

    Underwater Love


    There was no actual underwater love in this

    (something something sex films are like musicals something something)

  • Daddy Dearest

    Daddy Dearest


    This week on our podcast we're celebrating Altered Innocence's new Blu-ray release of Arthur Bressan's Passing Strangers and Forbidden Letters by taking a look at Daddy Dearest, the third chapter of the loose trilogy.

    Bressan's later sex films tend to be written off, but this is one of his most thematically and stylistically complex — it's a really clever look at fantasy and reality and how they both bleed together during the filmmaking process. It's also pretty funny, too. This…

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  • American Movie

    American Movie


    I guess some people think this is exploitative, but it and the people in it are so inspiring to me. I love Mark Borchardt’s obsession with film; how he talks excitedly about shooting on 16mm black-and-white reversal stock and then later spends months stuck at a flatbed, cutting his direct-market thriller together. Watching this at a time when everyone has an HD camera and edit suite in their pocket, it’s amazing to watch a group of people who probably have…

  • Tumbbad



    Womb Raider