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  • Pink Angels

    Pink Angels


    Really more baffling than anything? It's clear that the filmmakers have an affection for their sissy biker gang, as the 'humor' is never really made at their expense, but rather from their necessary attempts at passing for macho and in the equation of femme queen drag with chrome and hot leather. That final shot!

  • They Are Lost to Vision Altogether

    They Are Lost to Vision Altogether

    Decades of homoerotic images -- including Kalin's own 'Kissing Doesn't Kill' campaign for ACT UP -- reclaimed even as they're constantly being interrupted by a seemingly endless stream of talking heads, mayoral candidates calling for 'shooting the queers,' and, finally, ACT UP itself.

    Streaming here.

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  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Watching this, I couldn't help but keep thinking about Metzger's Score and Douglas' The Back Row, both of which handle queer seduction in much more playful, interesting, and yes, erotic ways. Even though this was adapted and directed by gay men, it still feels so fundamentally straight -- overtly timid with its gay sexuality and hindered by two lead performances that occasionally (to me at least) come off like straight dudes giggling about playing bi characters. I didn't feel any…

  • American Movie

    American Movie


    I guess some people think this is exploitative, but it and the people in it are so inspiring to me. I love Mark Borchardt’s obsession with film; how he talks excitedly about shooting on 16mm black-and-white reversal stock and then later spends months stuck at a flatbed, cutting his direct-market thriller together. Watching this at a time when everyone has an HD camera and edit suite in their pocket, it’s amazing to watch a group of people who probably have…