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  • The Bride from Hell

    The Bride from Hell


    Made in the period before the Shaws starting vomiting up black magic films, this feels much more along the lines of a creepy Japanese folk horror movie like Kuroneko or Onibaba. There aren't any maggots or melting faces, but there's an abundance of crash zooms and teal gels, making this much more of a restrained effort than what I'm used to. The story is about what you'd expect from a folk ghost story, but I love the visual aesthetic, which…

  • Ride in a Pink Car

    Ride in a Pink Car


    Theme song aside, this is a mostly dull affair. It's another 'Vietnam vet returns home' story along the lines of Rolling Thunder and Stanley, but it comes off more like a disposable ABC Movie of the Week than the racially-tinged thriller that it wants to be. Emery's My Brother Has Bad Dreams is one of my favorite weirdo Tampa movies, so it's a bummer that this was so bland.

    On the upside, I had no clue that Rubonia, FL was an actual place.

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  • Island Claws

    Island Claws


    I'm moving out of Florida in a month. Watching a giant mutant crab crush townies in half makes me think I'm making the right decision.

    My favorite types of Florida movies are the ones that couldn't feasibly be made anywhere else. You can fake a nudist camp on the outskirts of Chicago or set your gore epic in any old town, but you can't make a movie about 30-foot crustaceans in Pittsburgh. Everything about this movie screams Key West, from…

  • Miracle Mile

    Miracle Mile


    Scarily more relevant than ever, a 2017 remake of this would probably involve someone seeing a vague tweet or some anonymous message board post. Not everything completely works for me here, but the leaps between tones -- sometimes two or three times within a single scene -- and commitment to being both deliriously fun and unrelentingly grim make this work in a way that it probably shouldn't.

    I want a spandex-clad Brian Thompson to save me from the potential nuclear holocaust.