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    The Front Row

    If you know the sort of stuff I’m always logging on here, then it probably shouldn’t come as any surprise that a lot of this reminded me of the golden age of gay filmmaking — not just in the blunt subject matter, but in Gordon’s exploration of the adult movie house as a social space and as a tool for discovery and inspiring fantasy. Unlike the trade that inhabit The Back Row and Night at the Adonis,…

  • Daughter of Dracula

    Daughter of Dracula


    More a sort of giallo (!) than a vampire story, this is pretty threadbare even by Franco standards, with the actual supernatural elements seeming to exist only in cutaway. Howard Vernon's take on the Count in Dracula, Prisoner of Frankenstein is maybe one of my favorites, so I loved getting to see more of him in this. His Dracula isn't played for intelligence or sex appeal -- instead, he looks like an old cat, fangs constantly bared in a goofy, creaky grin, waiting for his next delivery of food and flesh. Dracula, the dirty old man, indeed.

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  • The Body Beneath

    The Body Beneath


    Tfw your partner yells at you in the theater for not believing that they'd seen this before. Oops!

    I wasn't prepared for just how claustrophobic an Andy Milligan movie can be when viewed theatrically -- the omnipresent whirr of his Auricon and the wall-to-wall library music occasionally drowning out the live dialogue; the pent-up hatred and sexual frustration almost feeling responsible for the faded print's pink tint.

  • Call Me by Your Name

    Call Me by Your Name


    Watching this, I couldn't help but keep thinking about Metzger's Score and Douglas' The Back Row, both of which handle queer seduction in much more playful, interesting, and yes, erotic ways. Even though this was adapted and directed by gay men, it still feels so fundamentally straight -- overtly timid with its gay sexuality and hindered by two lead performances that occasionally (to me at least) come off like straight dudes giggling about playing bi characters. I didn't feel any…