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  • The Attic

    The Attic


    Carrie Snodgress is so great here, giving a performance that could've easily been comparable to a Miss Jones or Miss Aggie, had this actually been a Gary Graver film and not merely one that he shot. As sad as this story is (especially its inevitable, if predictable, conclusion), there's a genuine warmth and frequent lightness to the melodrama, which is especially surprising when you realize this is technically a spinoff of Harrington's even more depressing The Killing Kind. Why was this marketed as a horror film??

  • Halloween 5

    Halloween 5


    Wild to see the Halloween formula get filtered through a Cinéma du look funhouse mirror, hyperstylized camerawork and bizarro fantastique elements and all. I like some of the ideas here, but they're all undermined by the formula that the plot is beholden to — why does Michael Myers spend half of the movie stalking a group of dumb teens that look like knockoff version of Laura, Donna, Bobby, and James from Twin Peaks? Why does the movie waste so much…

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  • Halloween



    Can I watch the alternate version of this that follows the Shape as he drives a hundred miles in the rain, robs a hardware store, steals a tombstone, shacks up in his old house, and carefully strings up bodies in the closet?

  • American Movie

    American Movie


    I guess some people think this is exploitative, but it and the people in it are so inspiring to me. I love Mark Borchardt’s obsession with film; how he talks excitedly about shooting on 16mm black-and-white reversal stock and then later spends months stuck at a flatbed, cutting his direct-market thriller together. Watching this at a time when everyone has an HD camera and edit suite in their pocket, it’s amazing to watch a group of people who probably have…