• My Masters

    My Masters


    Always hard for me to pick a favorite Rage video, but this is certainly at the very top. It's both his most mature work and his most meticulous -- less fragmentary than his earlier tapes, but in a way more diverse. In a way, it's a culmination of everything that he'd done up to that point.

    As much as I love the freeform dreaminess of videos like Raunch and Toilets, Rage's focus on longer, unbroken segments -- like J.D. Slater's…

  • Malignant



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Straight people Basket Case

  • All About Alice

    All About Alice

    This week on the Ask Any Buddy podcast, we're taking a look at the Gay Girl Riding Club's feature-length drag parody of All About Eve called... what else... All About Alice.

    The films of the GGRC -- all made on weekends and mostly just to make their friends laugh -- are such amazing hidden gems of early queer cinema, so I'm very excited that they're finally making their true home video debut later this month from AGFA. They're all great,…

  • Annette



    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Kid should’ve stayed a puppet 🤷🏻‍♂️

  • Born to Raise Hell

    Born to Raise Hell


    Fun to realize you can hear Roger Earl giving Val Martin and Quave Dalton directions off-camera -- and telling them to lay off when they make Eric Lansing scream a little too much.

    Another film really needing a restoration -- Bijou's transfer looks okay, but the sound quality is badly no-noised like usual.

  • Behind the Greek Door

    Behind the Greek Door


    Watched this for a project I'm working on, and.... I can't really review it? It looks like the only video release of the film (which the current DVD is sourced from) has been recut and, for the most part, completely redubbed.

    This is a film about fraternity hazing that originally had watersports, fisting, bondage, and paddling, but none of that is in the video edit -- what's left doesn't make sense, like a scene where they put the initiate in…

  • Bi-Bi Love

    Bi-Bi Love


    A much lesser film than DeSimone’s earlier Bi-Coastal, especially in the way it trades that film’s fully fleshed-out narrative for a more generic “psychiatrist sees his patients and hears their stories” sort of thing.

    Still — it’s nice to see Catherine Crystal show up throughout without any sort of reference to her transness (and even get to turn the tables on two ‘straight’ guys in one scene), and there’s a great, dumb strip sequence near the end.

  • Both Ways

    Both Ways


    Wow, I can finally promote new episodes of my podcast here.

    This week, we're covering Both Ways, which is a film I like but don't necessarily completely works -- it feels like something more suited for the stage, which makes sense given that it was shot in the two weeks between the end of the San Francisco production of Jerry Douglas's Tubstrip and the beginning of the Broadway one.

    But even though it's a flawed film, I think it really…

  • Reflections in a Golden Eye

    Reflections in a Golden Eye



  • The Kid from L.A.

    The Kid from L.A.


    For the longest time I'd thought the available (but long out of print) The Kid from L.A. was simply a retitled version of an earlier film called Toby from L.A.... and then we found a 16mm print of the latter in a storage unit in San Francisco.

    But it turns out that the differences between the two are much more complicated than just a retitling. In Kid, the scene order has been completely shuffled, and the soundtrack, along with it,…

  • Sizing Up: Before Your Very Eyes

    Sizing Up: Before Your Very Eyes


    Sterling's early video work is all about artifice -- those beautiful outdoor locations that were so central to the era's Los Angeles productions (think: William Higgins) flattened down into sets on soundstages because of both a crackdown by the LAPD and the clunky, sensitive camera equipment that he had to work with.

    The artifice already makes them feel dreamy, but this one takes all of that a step further in its complicated blend of video with 16mm photography. Characters walk…

  • 54



    Okay, but, like... a rep series for films that were forced into misguided recuts by Harvey Weinstein.

    (great soundtrack, dumb movie)