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  • Death Note

    Death Note


    I can forgive Adam Wingard for what he has done to L, giving him a well share of emotional behaviour. But I cannot forgive him for ruining the great hunting game between two geniuses. Nat Wolffs Light is such a dumb idiot, it's a miracle how he remains undiscovered for so long (well, for half the running time at least). The problem of the story is not that it got westernized - which would have been okay - but that…

  • Genocidal Organ

    Genocidal Organ

    What a piece of crap. Even Project Itoh's critically acclaimed novel wasn't perfect, but at least it delivered a semirealistic futuristic world with all its pros and cons of surveillance, nanomechanical warfare, etc. But this adaption is a failure in every aspect - whether or not you look at the trouble it went through during its production.

    Genocidal Organ fails to deliver a coherent storyline (and makes all the wrong choices through the way). It fails to replicate the detailed…