A Tale of Two Sisters ★★★

Never ever did a film manage to leave me behind in such a scary and helpless manner. My whole body feels incredibly cold, because of fear and uneasiness. Kim Jee-woon manages to create an intimidating family portrait, close and comfortable and yet so cold and distant. The wonderful aesthetics draw you close to the characters. You are taking in their perspective and start to feel uneasy around certain figures as the puzzling story continues.
The horror in A TALE OF TWO SISTERS might be more of a psychological nature even though it shares some classic horror motives. Nevertheless its style is far more subversive and calm, which also profits from the distinctive colorful visuals (the color red is omnipresent!) and a (sometimes unconventional) cinematography par excellence. It is the story itself which lacks something. Something, that lets you emphasize whith its main characters even in those moments, when the film pushes you as a viewer slightly away, while trying to make sense of the story. At least I missed something to hold onto, while this tour the force lasted.
Anyways, this is what you would call a selfconfident psycho-horror-movie.

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