AlphaGo ★★½

The music made it so much feel like an actual full length advertisement for this AI rather than anything else.

The heart piece of the document are definitely the games between AI and one of the world's best GO-players, Lee Sedol, at the time, which were quite tense, but... If you decide to make a movie about an AI being solely trained for the purpose of playing and teaching itself the game of GO, at least explain the fundamental basics about the game and why some of the moves where good/not so good? It really takes away from the built up tension if no one bothers to explain why said move was crucial. Other than that it was quite interesting thanks to the GO players being involved in one way or another. I also enjoyed the takeaway, the players got from this experience, as it's more than just a plain game of AI vs human.

Also thank you for the reassuring words, that, with an AI like this, we're "closer to intelligent washing machines than Terminator".

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