Anatomy of a Scandal

Anatomy of a Scandal ★★★½

I do understand the mixed reviews of the series, calling it uninspired, predictable, etc, as I think the second half and *that* plottwist wasn't as elegant woven into the storyline as it could have been. Which is why I think it might've worked out better in the book, as it felt quite randomly interjected within the series - making quite a hard turn in the narrative, without the feeling of it evolving in a more natural way.

On the other hand I thoroughly enjoyed the cast (especially Sienna Miller and Michelle Dockery, the latter one convincing with her badass attitude, while Millers focus was laying more on the family portrayal and the possible consequences of the scandal in terms of her relationship. Oftentimes I miss nuanced performances like these in shows evolving around similar themes, but not here.

What's left is a solid mini series, with a neatly polished look and some well executed cliffhangers. It is one of the better Netflix-productions and it didn't feel like a waste of time in the slightest.

And honestly, the second to last scene was *chefs kiss*.