Death Note ½

I can forgive Adam Wingard for what he has done to L, giving him a well share of emotional behaviour. But I cannot forgive him for ruining the great hunting game between two geniuses. Nat Wolffs Light is such a dumb idiot, it's a miracle how he remains undiscovered for so long (well, for half the running time at least). The problem of the story is not that it got westernized - which would have been okay - but that unnecessary lovestory, which is soaked in cliches and a pathetic narration, which kills it. It stops every intention for taking it seriously beforehand. You can smell every little twist, every trial to intensify the plot but it simply does not work.
Nat Wolffs overacting sucks - it is not even funny and Atticus Ross' synthiescore reminds you of how good a series like Stranger Things was; you might want to give it a rewatch instead of watching this shit.

Willem Dafoe somehow was fitting. This lackluster adaption would have been far better off, if it cut off the stupid "romance" part (c'mon, everyone knew how it would end!) and focussed on a hunting party between Light, L and Ryuk instead.

Go read the manga or watch the anime. You can even give the Japanese live action films a try, they are filled with more passion and respect of the sourcematerial, than this wannabe adaption.