Doctor Sleep

Doctor Sleep ★★★

I am really not that into "The Shining", nor most of King's other stories. So I didn't expect much, but got mildly surprised with "Doctor Sleep" - not that it's that good, but it felt okay in a weird way.

I am a scaredy cat when it comes to horror, but the only unsettling aspect of this film is the calmness with which Ewan McGregor portrays the main character Dan. It's somewhat eerie, maybe because his demeanor felt so... unusual..., but also really cozy at the same time? Super weird, but it's hard to explain otherwise. Most characters in general where likeable in different ways (hands down for Rebecca Ferguson in that hat! I loved it!), which honestly carried the whole film over the 150+ minutes of runtime. Despite not having too much happen during this time and some ellipses in the plot and character development - where I really wished for a bit more storytelling/background - it didn't feel dragged out to my surprise, neither. Biggest pet peeve I had though, where the cheap looking special effects. They should've been much better.

"Doctor Sleep" is kind of an oddball of a movie, and I kinda wished it would've ended differently. But again, I am neither into "Shining" nor Kings other novels, so that one's on me, as I am not that familiar with the matter. It was still a fun watch, nonetheless.

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