Don't Look Up

Don't Look Up ★★

What makes good satire? Maybe it doesn't require to be in your face most of the time, precisely examining its own message and shoving it down one's throat at every single opportunity?

I wonder if it would've been more bearable to watch, if the stupidity of mankind wouldn't have been portrayed in the way it was. It crossed that thin line between cleverness und dumbness in its depiction a few times too often for my taste, which made it so unenjoyable to sit through. In a way it felt like this movie was made primarily for a generation with a short attention span (guess what :o). And that doesn't necessarily make it automatically clever or good.

There's been some good scenes and takes in it (gosh Lawrence was so good!), and I feel so bad for all the real scientists out there, literally running against brick walls in situations like that.

Or maybe I'm just to old for movies, that are making fun of the TikTok-, Instagram- and whatnot-generation.