Giant Little Ones

Giant Little Ones ★★★★

I'm having a hard time with people judging this coming-of-age movie solely on the homophobic violence that is shown on two occasions. Yes, you could do a lovey-dovey movie that looks at the themes of sexual awakening through pink glasses and romantizices everything. OR you can put it into context and I do think showing these acts can be justified, as long as they are being depicted as morally wrong. Which, in my opinion, is happening in two different ways here.

That being said, I enjoyed this movie. It squeezes a lot - and I mean a lot - of aforementioned themes into its 90 minutes, and it's not perfect, but it does it in a really sweet way with mostly likeable characters. In fact I was waiting for a Michael Stuhlbarg-esque scene (Call Me By Your Name) with Kyle MacLachlan as Dad and we're getting quite close to it. You can't call me being disappointed by that.