Hunt ★★★

The directorial debut by Lee Jung-jae is entertaining to watch, yet it feels convoluted without saying that much - for what it actually wants to be.

"Hunt" excels in going the extra mile and serves the audience the political and social unrests of the 1980's South Korea with one emotional impact after another - without taking away from the grizzliness of i.e. the Gwangju massacre and certain interrogation practices - yet doesn't loses itself in the context of its own thriller. That's the true strenght of the movie in my opinion.

The thriller portion of the movie is actionpacked with some intense shootouts (which I don't favour as they're a bit too hecticly filmed for my taste), but the story itself doesn't really follow along any bigger twists or events. We discover the plot bit by bit without many surprises as it uncovers itself in a steady manner. This doesn't necessarily drags it out, but it doesn't add the spices one would hope for in a thriller about finding a mole. If it wasn't for the stellar cast, this would degrade it to a rather average film.

I loved the last scene a lot, though. "Hunt" definitely excels in its quiet moments, rather than the loud ones.

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