Seven Seconds

Seven Seconds ★★½

Yes, the show borrows from so many socioeconomic themes and it is sad that the reality pretty much looks as bleak as it gets. Yet "Seven Seconds" and its characters felt pretty shallow and boring most of the time to be honest. There was so much emphasis, not even pity, put on the perpetrators for no real reason, which made a few episodes feel quite redundant and unnecessary. It dragged on and on, whitout telling much other than what actual a**holes they and their families are. Gosh, I hated Jablonsky's toxic wife as much as some of the other guys. Also the plain narrative focus laid rather on the victim's family than the victim itself. One can argue the victim serving as a subsidiary for every (innocent) black kid killed by police in real life, but it felt written a bit thinly. Also the "twist" seemed quite random and desperate to make the court case a bit less predictable? And there's only so much Regina King could do...

The ending was okay, but like other reviews already mentioned, felt rushed and unsatisfying. The story could've easily been put into 6 episodes. Less running in circles would've been great.

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