The Watcher

The Watcher ½

While the (true) story behind this series sounds more like a creepypasta than an actual living nightmare, this series wastes so much potential with its non-sensical twists and turns and the general lack of direction.

There's some rare moments where the plot does manage to send a shiver down my spine, only to be vaporized by those incredibly mismatched passages of "humor" following after, which made me roll with my eyes on more than just one occasion. The characters are acting dumb and irrational, with changing their minds every other second - it messes with the whole concept behind the story.

This is such a waste of time. I highly encourage you to read into the actual story behind this series, which is so much more intriguing. The way this was directed however, is the typical Ryan Murphy-style, which felt more like they tried their hardest to justify making an anthology or the like out of it. The result of it is quite frustrating.

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