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  • Shoah


    Maybe I'll translate this soon and fix it from any mistakes and bad phrasing, but for now:

    Kein Dokumentarfilm über das 3. Reich und die Shoah im speziellen schafft es, den Schrecken in dieser Form zu vermitteln. Nicht einmal dieser Film und keiner jemals vermag es, den tatsächlichen Schrecken greifbar zu machen. Es ist schlicht unmöglich etwas zu vermitteln, das nicht vermittelbar ist, wozu es keine Form gibt, weil es jeder Menschlichkeit entbehrt, allem was hat in dieser Welt, sich…

  • Manhunt


    It so funny because it's so fucking dumb.

  • The Captain

    The Captain


    What a fucking insult of a film.
    Robert Schwentke is a fucking bungler. He's not able of anything. Why is he even a filmmaker?!
    With this fucking shame of a film he disqualified himself from ever being allowed to make a film again.

    If you ever asked yourself what kind of Third Reich films Nazis would watch: Here it is!

  • Glen or Glenda

    Glen or Glenda

    Possible drinking game:
    Jug one every time Bela Lugosi comes up with some shit.

  • Au Hasard Balthazar

    Au Hasard Balthazar

    Again - what Bergman said.

  • Visitor Q

    Visitor Q


    This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

    Well, one of the better Miike films of which I am not a big fan - on the contrary.
    It is all in all not a good film but it gets pretty entertaining with the first lactation scene and the aftermath of the dad's coworker's death is pure comedy gold and worth the watch!

  • Witching & Bitching

    Witching & Bitching


    "Sure. Because EVERYTHING ALWAYS is sexism nowadays."
    - some guy on twitter