Schmalzler has written 7 reviews for films during 2019.

  • United Interest

    United Interest


    Just plain bad and highly problematic in it's dumb shallowness, using anti-semitic conspiracy theory symbolism.

    Btw it's a scandal that the state film foundation NRW (Germany) gave money to this piece of shit.

  • Midsommar


    Midsommar is a nice umcomfortable film if watched just with superficial intention but lacks everything it wants to discuss: grief, toxic relationships (sexual and platonic), collective horror and so on. These issues exist but that's it. Theres no development and almost no inclusion into the plot, therefore nothing to discover or contemplate on.
    In the end it's just a mildly disturbing drugfueld folk horror that doesn't catch on to its models.
    It's funny and and gives a feeling of unease though, so suite entertaining.

  • The Dead Don't Die

    The Dead Don't Die

    From head to toe that thing is packed with political and social allegories that Jarmusch uses for his critique which is as obvious as boring and stupid in some places (Smartphones mimimimi) but not that exhausting as i thought it would be or it normally is. I even liked it here and there(?!). Although at times I thought he wants to get on peoples nerves (eg the repetitions) what I really liked and thought it had a nice effect.

  • Red Desert

    Red Desert

    A pretty adequate depiction of how my summer 2018 was like. But Monica Vitti had better hair.

  • Green Street Hooligans

    Green Street Hooligans

    Fuck that was bad. But it teaches you a little bit homophobia, racism, sexism and toxic masculinity.

  • Capernaum


    Superb devastating. While at times surely calculating and forcing emotions the harsh reality of the world never gets lost and the beginning sets the downbeat keynote to the incriminating gut punching end.
    As the kid running away from home comes to a dirty amusement park it seems empty as there was no fun, no happiness anymore in this world and all one could do is make their own false amusement happen. A few scenes later he stand before the running park with laughing people and one realizes that there still is deafening fun - just not for him.

  • Do Detectives Think?

    Do Detectives Think?

    I have never seen a movie with that much continuity errors. At times the situation before and after a cut wouldn't make any sense.