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  • Witching & Bitching

    Witching & Bitching


    "Sure. Because EVERYTHING ALWAYS is sexism nowadays."
    - some guy on twitter

  • Heroes Shed No Tears

    Heroes Shed No Tears


    Some nice bloody and violent scenes but the rest is pure crap.

  • Casa De Mi Padre

    Casa De Mi Padre


    Perdón pero hablo solo un poco de español (<-- That's almost everything I could get out of my two years of learing spanish (as a required subject in school) because I was/am such a lazy dumb fuck. But Hey I so I got more time watching movies, so as of today I think it was the right decision).
    The typical Will Ferrel humor that I want when I watch a comedy with him almost isn't there at all.
    Maybe it…

  • Weekend



    Godards filmography is (at least for me) like a lucky bag. Evertime you pick a film you never know how it's gonna be.
    That bothers me. Because sometimes I pick something like "Weekend". I just could't stand through it. I had to quit 20 minutes before the end.
    I can't imagine someone who's already seen this and says to himself: "Hey dude, today I feel like watching a car that passes 10 minutes of honking traffic jam." Maybe theres some…