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  • Free Fire

    Free Fire


    With his new face- and top-hair I think I could start to like Cilian Murphy.

  • The Offence

    The Offence


    After an hour into the film my shitty fucking internet broke the fuck down like it sometimes chooses to do.
    Rot in hell fuckwits from Telekom. I mean that by heart.
    I write this in fucking anger so even so I can't manage to finish this damn film today that I was sucked into one could tell from the grade of my anger how the first hour is.

    And hopefully I will "enjoy" the second half as much as I could the first (which I am almost never able to after being interrupted like this).

  • Spellbound



    Normally a 3 1/2-star movie but - and I often experienced that with Hitchcock - some scenes, especially the revolver-scene, give them this slight something that I love.

  • The Man Who Knew Too Much

    The Man Who Knew Too Much


    Why don't they let the good and the bad fight by throwing chairs at each other anymore?
    Sometimes a bit bumpy (I put the blame on the time) but pretty tense in at least that much scenes and maybe the Hitchcock film with the highest body count(?).

  • Manchester by the Sea

    Manchester by the Sea


    Is it a common thing in Manchester that guys completely unroll the condom before they put it on their dick?! I mean what the fuck.. How?
    There are a few scenes that bothered me because they felt unnatural or weird like this montage (I think somewhere in the middle) to some old 20s or what music to name just a another one.
    All in all this are minuscule things and the film manages despite the overwhelming sadness not to let it be a total misery porn (even if it's close) and therefore make it unwatchable.

  • Hunting Scenes from Bavaria

    Hunting Scenes from Bavaria


    Other than the play the movie looks more like it's settled in the 60s.
    It's hard to tell because the suits and the sunglasses pretty much look that way but like a typical bavarian village the clocks are 50 years slow.
    I have to say that I actually never saw the play, read about the plot though. But after knowing what happens in the play and in the movie the small differences..
    No, let me put it this way: There…