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  • Willy's Wonderland

    Willy's Wonderland

    without nicolas cage this film would be nothing

  • To Live and Die in L.A.

    To Live and Die in L.A.

    Last time I’ve seen that much macho manliness was when I watched gay porn.

  • Antiporno


    When I started it I had no idea I would get such a great and deep film about the complex issue of being a woman, of sex and society and their relation to one another. I’m blown away.

  • Last Year at Marienbad

    Last Year at Marienbad

    Most of the reviews here don’t seem to understand what the film is actually about: a tragical story of a woman who has to meet her rapist again who’s going on to her.

  • Hiroshima Mon Amour

    Hiroshima Mon Amour

    A film about human katastrophies, small ones and big ones; about their relation or rather their disparatness. A film about love and love in a world of human katastrophies. A film about how to be human in this world, about the subjectivity of suffering. And about the personal and collective conflict with human katastrophies.

    Or something like that.

  • The Trial of the Chicago 7

    The Trial of the Chicago 7

    People who genuinely like that movie have never ever seen a movie before and are 15 years old.

    So heartwarming I wanna puke, could at least have killed some pigs.

  • Knife+Heart


    You can't do that film without showing at least some dicks. Over all a lot of potential down the drain.

  • Tenet


    It’s so dumb.

  • The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    The Babysitter: Killer Queen

    McG is a bozo.

  • Matthias & Maxime

    Matthias & Maxime

    Xavier Dolans Filme, auch seine letzten, haben, trotz ihrer Schwächen  (Klischees und unfertig anmutende Inszenierung), etwas so menschliches an sich, dass sie es jedes Mal wieder schaffen, mich zu ergreifen.

  • The Meatloaf Addict

    The Meatloaf Addict

    It's bad on so many levels: first of all it wants to comment on a progressive way on political matters but it's just as bad as the conditions it's critizising. It's really bad. It's so racist. It's so conservative and reactionary.

  • Midsommar


    Midsommar is a nice umcomfortable film if watched just with superficial intention but lacks everything it wants to discuss: grief, toxic relationships (sexual and platonic), collective horror and so on. These issues exist but that's it. Theres no development and almost no inclusion into the plot, therefore nothing to discover or contemplate on.
    In the end it's just a mildly disturbing drugfueld folk horror that doesn't catch on to its models.
    It's funny and and gives a feeling of unease though, so suite entertaining.