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  • Gemini Man

    Gemini Man


    A sloppy soup of generic B-movie espionage; the muddy immediacy of 60fps is mostly a non-factor, and unfortunately so is the script, mired in bland buddy-cop structure, with every character just speaking the stage directions; that de-aging is BAD though. The film seems to know how bad the de-aging looks, and spends the entire movie hiding it in shadows in silence as much as possible, but it always looks awkward, and the few times they decide to set it in…

  • Joker



    Tries VERY hard to be VERY DEEP, & thinks it says lots of meaningful things on The Way We Live, but obvious, bad plotting and eye-rollingly facile social commentary leave it feeling more like those Facebook Memes where YOU are the SLAVE to your PHONES, man!!

    It’s the kind of film where Things occur to the main character not because it would make sense for them to do so, but simply because he is the main character, and this is the…

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  • Syndromes and a Century

    Syndromes and a Century


    "Normally I sing about teeth and gums, but this album is all love songs"

    With SYNDROMES & A CENTURY, Apichatpong Weerasethakul sorta-makes his own version of Tarkovsky's MIRROR: a fractured, beautiful, cyclical autobiography in cinema. Tarkovsky's film was concerned with the whole: inward-facing, but dealing with lost innocence, a desperate search for God and the scope of human existence. Early in on his film, Weerasethakul seems much more interested in the part, the details, the specifics, the ground-level, the things you…

  • 100 Girls

    100 Girls


    Neil LaBute’s one great film, the incendiary and brilliant IN THE COMPANY OF MEN (1997), is a film about a pair of ignorant, mean-spirited upper-middle-class white misogynist men ranting their frustrations I all but despised for 98% of its runtime before its climactic revelation made me recontextualize the entire film up to that point, entirely for the better. Writer-director Michael Davis (SHOOT 'EM UP)’s 2000 college sex comedy 100 GIRLS has much the same content for its first 98%, but…