Hail Satan? ★★★★

I went into this open to the ideas put forth, and even I was often surprised. I'd be very interested to see how a Christian, or any religious person really, would react to this. I imagine they'd be opposed to a lot of what they see, but I wouldn't be surprised if they also find things they agree with, as long as they don't go into the movie with too close-minded of an outlook.

Regardless, I really enjoyed and appreciated this documentary. There are a few points where it tries a little too hard to glorify the Satanic Temple, which for someone like me, who was already kind of on-board at this point, it was a little annoying and unnecessary, and I imagine to someone who was not on-board, it might come off as repulsive propoganda, so I'm not sure why it was included. There are definitely points where a more objective perspective from the filmmaker would've worked better. But there aren't too many points where it goes overboard like this, and for the most part, Hail Satan? informs and raises questions in a non-condescending and entertaining way.

Also, Lucien and Jex are such insanely interesting people. There are many very interesting and relatable Satanists presented in this doc, but these two are often hard to relate to in many ways. Like you understand where they're coming from and often agree with what they're saying, but they're also so extreme and have led such wildly different lives from myself and, I assume, almost everyone else watching this movie, that it's fascinating to get a peek into their lives and personalities. Jex is extremely straightforward, passionate, and radical (or at least, this is how she presents herself). Lucien, on the other hand, is kind of a troll. But also genuinely means what he says. But also has a mischievous smile as he's saying it. It's so hard to tell with him, and it's kind of a thrill to try to figure him out. He's also somehow one of the most and least charismatic people I've ever seen. It's bizarre.

So anyway, this documentary really operates on a few different levels. First, it's a historical record of a movement, following its founding and growth to what it is today. Second, it's an Inspirational Doc™ about standing up to authority, and the power of people in a democracy. Third, it's a fascinating character study. Oftentimes with documentaries, especially less traditional ones, I find the people involved, and trying to figure them out, just as (if not more) interesting as the subject matter they're covering. Hail Satan? is a perfect example of a documentary with interesting subject matter AND interesting subjects presenting the matter, not to mention very entertaining presentation.