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  • Zombie Reddy

    Zombie Reddy


    ZOMBIE REDDY is a south indian Telugu language COVID-19 - Zombie exploitation film with some Indian spieces added to the mix, especially impressive beards and rusty machetes. The film is much too generic to surprise, but the the finale is breathtaking, especially if you let yourself get washed away from the final score song.

  • Seobok



    Komplett überformulierter koreanischer Mainstream.

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  • Pickpocket



    Excellent, gritty and realistic account of a petty criminal left behind by his old pals that can adapt to new aggregational develeopments of contemporary chinese society. A bit too long, maybe, and losing its track in the last half hour, but that's just minor criticism in an overall superb film. Cinematography by genius Yu Lik-wai.

  • Dodes'ka-den



    I read so many bad reviews about this film and its tumultuous events accompanying the production - and about Kurosawa's personal crisis in life aswell - that I was a little scared to watch it. But, like always in cinema, you have to see for yourself.

    DODESUKADEN is the last one of all of his films I had not seen until today, and it just blew me away. I don't think that only "perfect" films should get good ratings, this…