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  • Suspect X

    Suspect X


    Suspect X is a very good adaption of Keigo Higashino's successful and claustrophobic crime novel that was a huge hit in Japan. Only a few and minor rearrangements have been made for this screen version. Apart from the crime plot, which is the center of the narrative, the film tells a devastating story about loneliness in post-modern society, in which individualism and basic human needs are being neglected. The music and sound design used in this film is very arbitrary, though, and completely fails to make an impression. Nevertheless, I liked Suspect X a lot.

  • A Monster Calls

    A Monster Calls

    Das Waisenhaus war schon kein guter Film, aber das hier ist noch viel schlechter. Alles übertrieben deutlich, alles wird haarklein auserzählt und erklärt, damit es auch der unaufmerksamste Zuschauer noch versteht, die Musik ist eine komplette Katastrophe und zuckert jede Ritze zu, die es in diesem morschen Gehölze gibt. Auch simpelst affiziert ist hier emotional nichts zu holen.

    Der Zuschauer bekommt, ganz schlicht, überhaupt keine Luft zum Atmen in diesem aufgeblasenen Pseudo-Alptraum.

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  • Pickpocket



    Excellent, gritty and realistic account of a petty criminal left behind by his old pals that can adapt to new aggregational develeopments of contemporary chinese society. A bit too long, maybe, and losing its track in the last half hour, but that's just minor criticism in an overall superb film. Cinematography by genius Yu Lik-wai.

  • Love Exposure

    Love Exposure


    Yes, this is maybe as good as it gets. Its biggest achievements surely are that this is not an empty popculture ballet without significant meaning orbiting around itself in a delirious hedonist fashion but bears, on the one hand, a lot of reference to actual ongoing developments (speak: anxieties) of society (The Zero Church as a religious cult, cf. A Guru is born (Takeshi Kitano), or 1Q84 (Haruki Murakami)) and youth culture (panties-hentais versus punky chicks adoring pure love (cf.…