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  • The Flicker
  • Gerry
  • Sleep Has Her House
  • Steak

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  • Circuit Nurse
  • Hard Drive
  • Little Joe
  • Mandroid

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  • Sleep Has Her House

    Sleep Has Her House


    on episode 2 of the schnüdlbug show, Scott Barley (director of "Sleep Has Her House") joins to talk shop: the joys of creating within a sandbox, the frustrations of creating on a computer, candid contemplations on "Skinamarink", and his future feature films!

    also available through your favourite podcast app by searching "schnudlbug" :)

  • Open Doom Crescendo

    Open Doom Crescendo


    last December, while coming down from the high of my first screening of ROACH™ 3D (so far!), I messaged Terry on Instagram about somehow seeing Open Doom Crescendo:

    12/12/22, 11:06 PM
    Hi Terry! Just curious if the flick will be coming to Vancouver / online in the near future? Stoked to see it!

    12/12/22, 11:56 PM
    Hey schnudlbug! Thanks for reaching out, I really appreciate it! The hope is that Open Doom Crescendo--for all its maximalist lo-fi soul--is just as…

Popular reviews

  • ROACH™


    you can watch the original 2D red version for free on my Instagram!

    more followers = more colour variants + alternate cuts in the future, with new soundtracks by some of my favourite artists! + look out for the limited edition 3D VHS next year: each tape will be packaged w/ 4 pairs of official ROACH 3D glasses!