The Big Short ★★★★★

Glad this was a one off occurrence.

I decided to rewatch Adam McKays brilliant film The Big Short after all the recent mayhem with the stock market. I was quickly reminded of this films brilliance and found it to be very relevant watch.

With this not being my first viewing (or second, probably my 5th) my thoughts on the film obviously aren’t as organic as they once were but even at this point in viewings I still found it to be masterclass. McKay manages to transform something as boring and mundane as stocks and mortgages into something hilarious, informative and captivating. In his more recent film Vice I found the comical under tone to not match the impression the film was trying to give me of the vile Dick Cheney. However, in The Big Short I found the comedy hilarious but the film still made me understand the gravity of the situation and the impact it had on these very real people. 

The editing must be mentioned as its some of the best I’ve seen in recent years, the way the 3 separate groups of investors stories are melded together is brilliant. It never feels confusing or convoluted and instead helps us understand how these different people all reacted to this market catastrophe. The film doesn’t shy away from leaping forward in time and presenting one conversation in three different ways and mashing them all together to create something not only coherent but excellent.

This is a really really high level film that I would recommend to anyone especially in these current times.